The OHCC Swim, Surf and Wellness Club's purpose is to: advocate for our members concerning OHCC pool access and activities, to provide information on health and wellness; and to promote meaningful social activities, fun, and safety for our swimmers, surfers, body boarders and all  aqua fitness members.

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2020 Board

Lynne Conde        President


Kory Ward            Vice President


Bob Clarke           Treasurer


Nel Stringley & Nancy Gordon                  Co- Secretaries


Sharon Fineberg   Member

Robin Ryan           Member


We are pleased to have our pool reopened for lap swimming and exercise, via scheduled appointments, after its closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Board members look forward to resuming with other water movement activities, social functions and swim lessons in the future. Meanwhile, please stay safe and well!


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Club Meetings      

The OHCC Swim, Surf and Wellness (SSW) Club typically meets every other month; however, due to the temporary OHCC  clubhouse closure and implementation of safe COVID-19 measures, there are no scheduled membership and social meetings until further notice. The 2020 SSW Club Annual Party is also suspended until further notice.


The OHCC the Board continues to meet on a monthly basis on the second Tuesdays of each month. Our past and future membership meetings are set up to socialize, catch up on pool and other water activities, discuss safety and other issues, learn about wellness and nutrition from speakers and have fun. Refreshments are served at all social events.  


On February 11, 2020, Dr. Kory Ward made a presentation titled: Aging, Inflammation and Longevity. 

Note: To access information about club sponsored events and activities, click on the beach ball, below. If you  click on the little swimmer, you will find information on Ken Krueger's suggestions on how to diversify your swim workout activities for better health and wellness benefits.



 Current Swim Rules ( updated July 2020):


Everyone is expected to shower before entering the pool. All swimmers must reserve a pool lane, for a 30-minute allotted time. Pool hours are from 6 am to 10 pm daily. See the link to sign up for a pool lane and time on the top of the website HOME page.

Note: No diving or jumping into the water is allowed, no rough play, no running on the deck. 


Consideration  and courtesy are necessary so everyone can enjoy their time at the pool. You are encouraged to bring a copy of your pool lane reservation with you to the pool when you come to swim or exercise.  

Please call security if you see anyone breaking the rules or being abusive to others, do not try to handle it yourself.  We pay security do handle these things.



Note: Aqua Exercise Classes are currently suspended until the COVID-19 safety requirements are lifted.
Classes are typically scheduled on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 9:00 AM.
The cost per Aqua Fitness session is $5.00.   
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Learn to Swim or Improve Your Stroke at our SWIM CLINIC
The Swim, Surf and Wellness (SSW) Club holds a Swim Clinic each summer season to help you learn more about swimming, breathing techniques, and staying in good health through swimming activities.  The clinic is sponsored by our club, is taught by volunteers and is free to members of the SSW Club. The last Swim Clinic was held June-July 2019, and was a great success.  
Thank you Robin Ryan, Ken Krueger, Frank and Sue Tanner for volunteering your time and talent to this wonderful effort.  
NOTE: The 2020 lessons have been postponed until the COVID-19 Safe Practice measures have been lifted or modified by the OHCC HOA.
  1. Click on the swimmer to your left to get details on how to sign up. 
  2. Click on the float board to your left and you can send an email to sign up for the clinic, via this website.


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2020 Pool Activities


2018 Member Event

Bob Clarke, SSW Club Treasurer